MPI in Golden Jubilee has set all plans for buildout.

Meat products of India, a state public sector organization working with social commitment to make safe meat-eating habits, is celebrating its Golden Jubilee. In this era of growing solitude about food items, the company that has gained people's certitude with the short name of MPIN provides safe and healthy meat. Centered in Edayar, near Koothattukulam in Ernakumal District MPI is preparing to implement development projects in various places. The company has 26 acres of land in Edayar.

Meat Product of India will complete its 50 years on this march 2023. Golden jubilee will be celebrated with various programmes. The Bacon Factory started by the Central Government was later placed under the Department of Animal Welfare. In 1968, Kerala Agro Industries Corporation had been assigned the charges. On 13th March, 1973, an offshoot company was formed under the Corporation. It became an independent and self -sustaining company in 1976.

The operation started by producing pork and bacon and releasing it to the market. Then the chicken processing plant was started. The processing of Duck, Goat and Rabbit were also taken up and expanded. MPI buttressed its development projects in 2015. As 80 percent of the people in the state are carnivore, the increased demand has actuated the burgeoning. In 2015, construction of a state- of -the- art abattoir has started by expending 31.02 Crores. The plant became up and running on October 10, 2020.

It has a Bovine plant and swine plant capable of slaughtering 200 buffaloes or bulls and pigs per day. A state-of-the-art abattoir also houses a rendering plant that treats waste at source. In these time of increasing food concerns, a trusted company under the acronym MPI guarantees safe and wholesome meat. MPI, which is centered in Edayar, Near Koothattukulam in Ernakulam district is planning to carry out furtherance projects in various projects.

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