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What are the products offered by MPI?
Meat Products of India produces meat, meat cuts, and processed products like cutlets, sausages, dried beef, pickles etc from poultry, buffalo, beef, goat, pig,& Duck.
Is MPI meat safer than ordinary meat?
Yes. MPI meat comes from animals sourced, selected, slaughterd and processed under strict veterinary supervision. The animals are processed in a scientific method under hygienic conditions without microbial contamination. Hence it is 100% safer than other ordinary meat.
Is meat processed under Veterinary supervision?
Yes. Each animal before slaughter is subjected to veterinarians inspection, called Ante mortem inspection. After slaughter, again a VET examines the animal for further signs in Post Mortem inspection
What are the sources of animals slaughtered in MPI?
Meat comes from animals reared in MPI farm or in farms monitored by MPI. Any animal brought from outside is subjected to rigorous examination
Where can we get MPI products?
MPI products are available in all districts of Kerala though our authorizes dealers
Is the products of MPI is free from preservatives?
Yes. MPI products do not contain any harmfull preservatives or hormones. Further, the meat is free from hormone residues as found in poultry meat from many local unautharised farms.
How much is the shelf life of frozen meat?
MPI products have a shelf life that can go upto 6 months, if cold chain is maintained