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  • Chicken Sausage - 200gm

    Ingredients:Sheep Gut,Chicken meat ,Maida, Sugar,Soya,Salt spices,Ginger,water,Garlic,Ice Usage:Put the sausage in simmering water for five minutes and shallow fry in oil.Serve with sauce.

    Rs: 95
  • Cocktail sausage -500gm

    Ingredients: Sheep Gut,Pork meat,Spices,Sugar,Salt,Maida, Soya,garlic,Ice,Water. Usage-put the sausage in simmering water for fifteen minutes and shallow fry in oil

    Rs: 290
  • Dried Beef-200gm

    Ingredients-Beef meat,Salt,Spices,Turmeric powder,Vinagiri Usage-

    Rs: 430
  • chicken salami -200gm

    Ingredients-Chicken, Ginger,Garlic, spices,

    Rs: 90
  • Salami sausage sliced-200gm

    Ingredients- dry cure pork meat,fat,spices,

    Rs: 114
  • Beef Cutlets-200gm

    Ingredients-Beef meat,Ginger,Chile,Garlic,Potato,salt,tomato sauce, Cuury leafs,Egg,Bread crumps

    Rs: 90
  • Chicken Drum stick-1kg

    Rs: 340
  • Chicken Curry Cut

    Curry cut of Chicken without neck,wings, Gizzard & Liver

    Rs: 250
  • De-skinned Broiler Chicken

    Chicken without skin

    Rs: 242
  • Broiler Chicken

    Chicken with skin

    Rs: 219
  • Pork Bits 500gm


    Rs: 238
  • Pork Sausage 500gm

    Ingredients: pork meat,pepper,chilly,Ginger,Nutmeg,Mace,Cinnamon,Maida, Soya , Garlic,Salt

    Rs: 273
  • Chicken N Ham 200gm

    Ingredients:Chicken,Cured Pork,Bacon Scrape,Bread,Rava,Salt,sugar,Mace, Pepper,Cornflower ,Cloves

    Rs: 71