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Pig rearing and buy back scheme in MPI under Rashtrya Krishi Vikas Yojana (RKVY) 2014 - 15

Livestock rearing is an essential part of rural economies in Kerala. It produces a series of invaluable services to mankind, by providing cash income, milk, eggs, hides, skins, dung, social stability, investment, labor opportunity, status as well as cultural values. However, the livestock sector in Kerala is preponderated with smallholders. Hence, the share of the gain from increase in farm income by the smallholders and landless animal keepers will depend largely on the availability and quality of inputs and organized market avenues. For many it may be difficult to access markets to buy inputs and services or to sell their livestock products.


Hi-tech Slaughter House at Edayar

The ongoing project of Meat Products of India Ltd is the installation of Hi-tech Slaughter House at Edayar. The work order was issued to M/s Meatek Food Machineries India Pvt Ltd,Lucknow and the work is in good progress.

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