Vision & Mission


  • Production of hygienic and good quality meat and meat products
  • To ensure continuous supply of hygienically processed meat and meat products for the non vegetarian population of Kerala.
  • Help in improving nutritional status of the people by providing good quality meat at reasonable price.
  • Increase percapita availability of quality meat in the state
  • Decrease the dependence on neighboring states for meat and meat products and help attain self sustainability in the production of hygienic meat products
  • Increase the rearing and production of good quality meat animals in the state.
  • Support meat animal farmers through buy back schemes.
  • Production of quality feeds to support the meat animal farmers in Kerala
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Scientific and hygienic slaughter of birds and animals by establishing the meat processing plants. Protection and promotion of human health by providing hygiene wholesome meat. Application of modern slaughter technology for slaughter. Waste management and pollution control in scientific way by establishing Rendering Plants. Implementation of Animal Welfare system. Better by product utilization/value addition. Better hygiene, safety and retain cold chain management. Participate into the development objective of Govt. in achieving self sufficiency in meat production in the State. Create employment opportunities. Promote the concept of rearing large animals and pigs for meat production. Control the price of meat products.

about Meat

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